School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture + Urban Design

Students: Jennifer Levy
Faculty: Alexandra Barker

The Urban Aquaculture + Market is a speculative project on the adaptive re-use of the iconic Brooklyn Grain Terminal. This project seeks to redefine space for human and non-human occupants, which is becoming an ever-growing necessity in the current urban environment. Anamorphic projections were used to derive form creating an emergent aesthetic appropriate for the human and non-human convergence, the point where nature combines with industry.

This rendering displays the Aquaculture Facility and Market’s strong connection to the canal and surrounding context. The woven pattern on the facade creates the building’s envelope while providing spatial organization for the labs, pools, offices and public spaces on the interior. The gridded piping on the exterior is one of the building’s main systems facilitating the phases of oyster aquaculture.


Physical Section Model


Physical Sectional Model






Physical Sectional Models