School of Architecture, Graduate

Students:  Samantha Lee Chan, Jonathan Hamilton
Alexandra Barker

The aim of this project was to create a sense of approachability and curiosity of less glamorous operations of city living by exploring a condition where waste management infrastructure will coexist with the spaces we utilize. The narrow site located in lower manhattan is flooded to create a public outdoor thermal pool in which an archipelago of buildings house both an incinerator, as well as a spa and greenhouse component – pairing very different outlooks on cleansing and sanitation.


Degrees of connectivity are explored between spa and greenhouse to create different experiences, while also maintaining glimpses of the infrastructural purification process that occurs within the building. The design considers heat transfer from the incinerator to the neighboring programs through flat plate collectors, to take advantage of any excess heat. The parametrically designed facade varies in material, opacity and operability to control both light and air.

Link to student documentation