School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment

Students: Valeria Cedillos, Victoria Tsukerman
Faculty: Oliver Schaper, Emilija Landsbergis

The urban catalyst explores multiple levels of interconnectedness with new and existing objects, aiming towards new forms of community engagement. The desire for density allows the object to grow while preventing itself from becoming relentless. The ongoing system reactivates the Brooklyn Navy Yard and can extend onto Manhattan, giving the city a system that can power it. A strong re-engagement between the buildings and the urban landscape encodes new types of relationships of the space object.

The solids and voids along the site have coincidences and moments that are possible through urban joinery, which translates into circulatory systems that create urban interiorities that displace the threshold between public and private, past and present, present and future. The modularity and iterations of the project create symbiotic moments between context, program, users, and space.


Site specific interventions bring together residential, commercial, education, recreation, and transportation programs through different exercises of urban additions, subtractions, and infills.


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