Bill Hilson is an adjunct professor in Pratt Institute’s Graduate Communication Design Department, serving since 1991. He was privileged to serve as Acting Department Chair during the Fall ’05 and Spring ’06 semesters.

Originally trained in architecture, Prof. Hillson turned to graphic design and illustration for his professional focus. He has spent most of his career living on the “burning edge” of technological innovation, and has combined his fascination with technology and creativity in his design and consulting practice. Bill introduced “desktop publishing” to some of the largest ad agencies in NYC, forever transforming the production landscape.

As creative director to the HiFi Color Project, he helped introduce the new HiFi Color printing techniques to the design and printing community. He was first to design and print using an experimental 7-colorant process, the first to use Pantone’s HexachromeTM in a commercial application, and also the first designer to print using frequency-modulated (“stochastic”) screening systems.

Bill has been a featured speaker at the Seybold, Impact!, Lasers in Graphics, Digital Spectrum , Color Connections and Brand Identity and Design conferences as well as seminar events for Apple Marketing and Agfa Corporation. For eight years Bill was a group leader for the Creative Problem-Solving Institute, and is a colleague of the Creative Education Foundation.

Bill is a founding Director of The Institute for Sustainable Communication, a 501(c)-3 organization committed to educating and training the next generation of business leaders needed to grow innovative, sustainable enterprises that create jobs, foster environmental restoration and improve the quality of life in communities they touch. For more info visit www.sustaincom.org

He recently served on the Board of the Silvermine Guild Arts Center in New Canaan, Connecticut as chair of the Marketing Committee. Bill has served as a faculty representative to the Development Committee for Pratt’s Board of Trustees, and has been on the Board of Trustees at Whitby School in Greenwich Connecticut. When he has the time, he is found scuba diving shipwrecks in the Atlantic, playing his guitars, flyfishing for wild trout, and riding his motorcycle.